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The Lady Fatima Center

Lady Fatima Center is home to a culturally diverse community of Muslims in the metro Denver area, and we welcome all those who may be searching for a spiritual and religious environment imbued with the teachings of the Holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammad, and his Immaculate Household (peace be upon them all).

The doors of Lady Fatima Center are always open to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Whether you are a Muslim interested in broadening your knowledge of your own faith or a non-Muslim interested in enhancing your understanding of Islamic beliefs and practices, you are welcome to visit us during any of our programs

So be patient. Indeed, the promise of ALLAH is truth

Quran 30:60

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Going forward all personal programs like Wedding, Birthdays, Bismillah etc. will have to be booked ahead of time in order to avoid conflicts in event planning.

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